BUY WHOLESALE DIRECT: - Tap into lower prices.

Eurtton Distribution, Inc. has been supplying home renovations and decorating products to retailers in Bermuda and the Islands for almost 20 years through our parent wholesale distribution company. We understand the complexities that consumers face when purchasing goods in the islands with limited selection and soaring prices. Eurtton Distribution, Inc. completely understands the need for consumers to save and as a result Eurtton Distribution, Inc. offers those same products at much lower prices.

Quite possibly many goods that you have purchased in the past at some of your local retailers were shipped to them from us in the first place. Eurtton Distribution, Inc. is offering a rare opportunity for consumers to purchase at wholesale direct prices, thus allowing consumers to take advantage of substantial savings through additional discounts.

Eurtton Distribution, Inc. is based in Ontario Canada but ships from four key ports, Brampton Ontario, South Kearny New Jersey, Jacksonville Florida and Miami Florida. We also accommodate when possible shipping to other ports or warehouse upon request.

Our wholesale distributor system is very unique in that we represent literally hundred of manufacturers in both Canada and the United States allowing us to offer the very best selection from both countries direct.

We know the key players in every industry and know how to move goods through the efficient shipping lanes both overland and overseas.

We believe that by harnessing the power of volume purchasing along with superior technology we can lower the overall costs of your goods. By being the member of various trade organizations allows us access to the largest selection of products while taking advantage of group buying, exceptional discounts and purchase incentives, gives us better than average buying power.  

We do not post pricing on our website because in many case we are not allowed to. This is due to the fact that our prices are lower than allowed by some of our manufacturers. Under agreement they do not allow under MAP pricing (Minimum Advertised Prices) so we quote per request.

Our objective is to always make sure you receive the best pricing available at the time of your request, so we may be able take advantage of manufacture incentives, grouping products, multiple same items, and by looking at your complete request in its totality. Sometimes a single item price may be although low, may be higher than a multiple same item purchase or a larger overall purchase of diverse product.

An example of this could be something like you are thinking of new kitchen cabinets, the price may be one thing. If however you purchase your cabinets together with a countertop, sink, faucets, hardware, backsplash tile, flooring and possibly appliance, the price will certainly being lower yet again. That is the nature of wholesale…the higher the volume…the lower the price.