Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers Milestone Premium Acrylic Ceiling Panels, along with Tub and Shower Surrounds. A durable supper high quality gloss Acrylic surface that is easy to clean and with no grout. These high quality, high gloss UV Protected Acrylic panels will not peal nor yellow.

Available in a number of standard sizes and are easy to install. Side walls come with a 1-1/2" bent bullnose to allow wall wraps and to trim to edge. The 1-1/2” bent bullnose can be trimmed back as much as required to allow a smooth finished edge.

Panel Sizes = 36” x 60”, 36” x 96”, 36” x 96.5”, 40” x 105”, 66” x 105”

Available in 24 colours and textures and white ceiling panels. Can be used in other areas of the home or commercial. Great as a decorative accent or finish to any wall or application. Accessories like matching shelves are available to complete your refinishing project.

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