Typically ships to pier not
fabricated (as slabs) in 3 business days.

Entry Level Solid Surface

The Essentials Collection boasts a lineup of some of the most popular color options for your solid surface countertops.

Mid-Grade Solid Surface

The Surreal Collection is a dramatic approach to colors, and gives you the ability to portray the most natural looking stone and quartz.

Top Tier 100% Acrylic

The Majestic Collection is a 100% acrylic solid surface material that embodies the organic look of natural stone with veined patterns.

It's Your Countertop. Dream It.

Affinity Solid Surface is an assortment of surface colors that offer design options unlike any other material on the market. Split into 3 collections, Affinity offers a range of rich colors, in-depth patterns, stunning crystals and particulates, and striking combinations of textures that give a breath of fresh air to any surfacing project you're working on.

Affinity Solid Surface is more than just a countertop, but a material that offers an array of design options, popular colors, and architectural uses unlike any other surfacing product on the market.


Affinity Sustainability

Affinity Solid Surface is a durable, long-lasting and renewable surface material that fulfills the goal of sustainable design, reducing environmental footprint.

Safety Data Sheets

These sheets cover Chemical Product and Company Info, Composition and Identity Information and Physical & Chemical Characteristics.

Material Technicals Specs

This PDF shows the performance testing properties of Affinity Solid Surface Countertop products.