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American Standard has been making toilets for over 140 years. Our focus on creating great products with new innovations has made us an industry leader, allowing us to deliver toilets that can enhance your day-to-day life. With options for water-saving toilets, self-cleaning toilets, and flushing systems that can handle flushing a bucket of golf balls - and options with beautiful designs that range from traditional to modern, American Standard has the right toilet for you.

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Commercial or Residential

10 Inch Rough Ins, 12 Inch Rough Ins, or 14 Inch Rough Ins

Flushing System:
Cadet, Champion 4, Dual Flush, Flowise, Gravity-fed, or VorMax


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CONTRAC® is the first brand in North America to offer a full line of vitreous china plumbing products exclusively designed for and marketed to the wholesale plumbing channel.

Our company has been manufacturing and distributing private branded vitreous china bathroom fixtures into the North American market for more than 20 years.

All CONTRAC® products meet or exceed all Canadian plumbing standards and codes, and all toilet models are LEED compliant. We are committed to working on water-saving and eco-friendly products and continuing to maintain the highest toilet flush performance.

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Blu Bathworks is a Canadian brand with a global reputation for providing the complete modern bathware experience.

Blu Bathworks® product offering has been tailored as a series of collections, all embodying minimalist, European style with careful use of bold colors, high-end finishes and innovative design features.

Blu offers Bathtubs, Sinks, Shower Bases, Faucets & Tapware, Shower Systems, Vanity Cabinets, Toilets & Bidets, and Accessories for the best in bath.

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With its new Rimless technology, Duravit demonstrates how geometry, fluid mechanics and design can be successfully combined for maximum efficiency. Thanks to the open, easily accessible rim area, the bowl is particularly easy to keep clean, and this reduces cleaning times considerably.
The innovative impression given continues within the design of toilet and bidet: The flat seat & cover, available with and without a soft-close system, is eye-catching. Wall-mounted and freestanding toilets can also be combined with the shower-toilet seat SensoWash® DuraStyle by Starck. Ceramics and seat blend into a harmonious, elegant unit.

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Bringing distinct style and fashion to the bath and powder room, KALLISTA’s luxury plumbing products continue to transcend the ordinary. Using the highest-quality materials and technology, KALLISTA continues to push the boundaries of design. Our meticulously crafted fittings and fixtures embody the principles of balance and synergy. Every product we make is innovative, beautiful and ready to complement today’s most sophisticated interiors.

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If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, it pays to really think about the space you’ll use the most: The vanity, sink and mirror area. Making this “grooming station” as efficient as possible, with a place for everything and everything in its place, has the potential to get you organized once and for all. It can speed up your morning routine and make it easier to wind down and relax in the evening.

The more subtle, yet no less important, benefits? The potential to relieve and unclutter your mind, offering a more positive start to the day—and maybe even a better night’s sleep.

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Toilet Shape:
Elongated Toilets or Round-Front Toilets

Toilet Features:
Comfort Height Toilets, Water-Saving Toilets, or Concealed & Skirted Trapway Toilets

12 Inch Rough Ins, 10 Inch Rough Ins, or 14 Inch Rough Ins

Toilet Parts:
Toilet Seats, Toilet Flush Handles, or Toilet Flappers

Most Popular Kohler Models:
Corbelle, Numi, Memoirs Classic, Santa Rosa, Veil Wall-Hung or Cimarron


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Impeccably perfect kitchens and bathrooms don’t exist in the real world. Real life is hectic and messy, which is exactly why we make STERLING products.

STERLING products are TOUGH. They’re built to handle the wear-and-tear of everyday life. They’re NO FUSS. They’re manufactured to be a piece of cake to install and a cinch to clean. And they’re BEAUTIFUL. They’re designed to be products that you can be proud to have in your home—for a long time to come. All of which means you get to have your cake and eat it too with STERLING. That makes us the SMART choice for the job at hand.

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Toilet Shape:
Elongated Toilets or Round Front Toilets

Toilet Height:
Standard Height (17" or less) or Luxury Height (greater than 17")

Flush Type:
Single Flush Toilets or Dual Flush Toilets

10 Inch Rough Ins, 12 Inch (standard) Rough Ins, 14 Inch Rough Ins



TOTO, is the world's largest toilet manufacturer. It was founded in 1917, and is world-renowned for developing the Washlet and derivative products. The company is based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and owns production facilities in nine countries. The name "Toto" is an abbreviation of the two Japanese words forming its full name, Tōyō Tōki.
The Toto Washlet is an innovative toilet seat that features an integrated bidet. The bidet feature activates at the push of a button on the seat or a remote control; a small wand extends from the back of the rim and begins to jet water towards the backside of the user. Different Washlet models have features such as air fresheners, seat heaters, and dryers.

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