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ALLUMINUM Colonial Shutters (Storm Secure - Decorative Colonial Shutters with Impact Spacing)

Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers more than shutter…we offer an understanding of shutters. Shutters come in many materials, in many configurations for many applications.

Aluminum Shutters offer two main shutters for Impact Ratings and Decorative purposes. Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers through Fortified a third and our most popular alternative. A StormSecure Decorative Shutters with Impact Spacing giving you the beauty and air-flow of traditional shutters with the strength of Impact Shutters. The only difference is the spacing as we have elected to use the more traditional spacing our customers have become accustom to. Many places like Bermuda for example do not require cross battens and panels to become impact approved.

Bahama Shutters (Storm Secure - Decorative Bahama Shutters with Impact Spacing)

The StormSecure Line of Impact Bahama Shutters offers the latest styling and test proven durability on the market today.  Our Bahama Shutters are designed with the low profile look of traditional wooden shutters, coupled with the strength and durability of Aluminum.  Available in a vast array of colors, our Bahama Louvered Shutters will compliment any home, business, or commercial project with unsurpassed quality and affordability.  Our system has been installed on homes and commercial facilities worldwide where Hurricane and Typhoon Winds are a real threat.

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