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Aspect Matted Backsplash

Aspect matted backsplash tiles cover about 1 sq. ft. each which means you can cover more area, faster and easier. Available styles include Mini Subway, Square, Honeycomb, Wavelength and Wide Hex.

  • Honeycomb, Mini Subway and Square styles consist of 3 tile sheets per package; Wavelength and Wide Hex consist of 6 tile sheets per package.
  • Each style is available in two contemporary finishes: Stainless Steel and Champagne.
  • The peel and stick backer is a high-bond thin foam adhesive which allows for superior adhesion on most surfaces.
  • Optional accessories include outlet cover laminates and trim allow you to complete your look.

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Aspect 3”x6” Metal Tiles

Aspect peel and stick 3”x6” metal tiles are available in a short or long grain in four fantastic finishes. Made from 60 percent recycled material, they’re an eco-friendly material that infuses high-tech sheen to your room without breaking your budget.

  • Available in brushed stainless, brushed bronze, brushed copper and brushed champagne finishes.
  • Short or long grain tile directions allow you to create a unique aesthetic, allowing for a completely distinctive look depending upon light reflection.
  • Optional accessories include outlet cover laminates and trim allow you to complete your look.
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Aspect 3”x6” Glass Tiles

Made from 100% recyclable materials, Aspect glass is an eco-friendly, responsible product choice. Available in six modern, unique colors, these beautifully translucent artisan glass tiles are the clear choice for the inspired do-it-yourselfer.

  • Easy peel and stick installation means there’s no need to worry about the mess of grout or the hassle of hiring a tile installer.
  • Each pack includes eight – 3”x 6” tiles or one square foot.
  • Choose one color for your project or mix and match colors for a personalized look that reflects your individual style.

Aspect Peel & Stick Distressed Metal tiles are the easy, DIY way to add the unique look of aged metal to your walls without the hassle of grout or the expense of a contractor. Distressed metal matted tiles are made of real metal and are available in Gilded Silver, a combination of complementary gold and silver tones.

Gilded Silver adds radiance and opulence than enlivens any space a beautiful color that adds luxurious sheen and dimension to any design scheme. Understated yet radiant, this tone is classic and elegant.

  • Panels measure 23.63 inches x 5.9 inches making it easy to cover larger areas quickly
  • Available in a 3-pack or about 3-square-feet of tile and 15-square foot kits
  • Panels feature full backer board and peel and stick adhesive for stability and ease of use
  • Less expensive than alternative applications for a more affordable project
  • Ideal for full or accents, backsplash and custom designs in kitchens, baths, dining room and anywhere you want to add unique appeal – add walls after full and change room to rooms
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