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Bristol Sinks is one of our favourites for quality, selection and price. We find it unnecessary to purchase brand names sinks (although we do) because for the most part sinks are made the same, with the same stainless-steel specifications. Sometimes they are made in the same factory.

Quality & Assurance:

All Bristol Sinks and Faucets are approved for and comply with building and plumbing codes within the USA and Canada. All products have been tested and approved by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). Bristol guarantees against product defects, providing Limited Lifetime Warranties on all our sinks & faucets.

Bristol Sinks and faucets are constructed with Type 304 Stainless Steel & contain 18% Chromium, a material that is oxidation and corrosion resistant. Bristol Sinks high nickel content provides strength and durability throughout their lifetime. Bristol Sinks and faucets have a popular brushed finish called “Satin”, which compliments the look of modern stainless-steel appliances and fixtures. Bristol Sinks are available in both 16 and 18-gauge stainless steel. All Bristol sinks are manufactured with a full undercoating, providing insulation with large pads permanently mounted on sink bottoms to provide “Sound deafening”.

Bristol Sinks & Faucets 2017-2018 Catalogue

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