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Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers an extensive collection of realistic, durable and easy to install products for the home improvement and business remodeling industry, including faux stone panels and faux wood beams.

Our Faux Panels are made of a high-density polyurethane. Our panels and siding are molded from actual rock, stone, and brick, so they are lightweight, durable, realistic and easy to install. Whether you are a homeowner or builder, you can install the panels yourself for a fraction of the cost and time. We offer the largest selection of faux stone panels and siding on the market today!

Our Faux Wood Beams and our other interior and exterior products will make your home look great, without costing a lot of money. Our multiple attractive and natural finishes work in any design situation. We offer the widest selection of faux beams and other molded faux wood products on the market! With this full range of versatile looks, your imagination and creativity are your only limits.

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Faux Grand Heritage Siding

Faux Mountain Ledge Stone Siding

Faux New Brick Siding

Faux Re-Claimed Brick Panel

Faux Tennessee Siding

Faux Windsor Castle Stone Siding

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