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Standard Louvered Colonial Shutter

A single span of true open louvers has a high-impact effect. Our open louver shutters deliver authenticity and timeless aesthetics as they let light and breezes flow through. Innovative materials and engineering ensure that Atlantic louvers will not warp, rot or bow, unlike wood louvers—nor will they require painstaking painting. Choose from a wide range of colors and options to make any home unique.

Options: Additional Rail, Vertical Mullion, and Rabbeted Edge

Bahama Shutter

Inspired by the traditional Caribbean design, Bahama shutters provide a bold accent with smart functionality. Attached to the exterior with a top hinge, the shutters can swing out at the bottom, letting breezes and sunlight bathe the space. When the shutters are closed, open louvers reduce the sun's hot rays and enhance privacy while still allowing air to circulate. Metal fasteners are hidden to maintain clean, unbroken lines. Crafted from thermally-stable, pultruded fiberglass with aluminum hardware that stands up to sea-spray and coastal environments.

Options: Additional Rails, Additional Vertical Mullion.

Custom Sizes and Hardware Available

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