Typically ships fabricated to pier in 3 weeks.

Please Note:
If we are supplying your kitchen cabinets, we can design, layout and fabricate your countertop. Your new countertop will be shipped pre-made and ready to install.

No longer the countertops of our childhood as laminated are making a great comeback with the latest looks of Quartz and Granite. Laminate is affordable, easy to maintain, is available in hundreds of colors and is one of our favourite choices in countertops. From natural textures like stone and wood to more uniform designs of solids makes todays laminate countertops the absolute choice for apartments, rentals or even as an affordable starter countertop for your dream kitchen.

All Laminate Tops come fabricated with a high quality plywood substraight (base backer).


Modern day Formica's look just like Quarts and Granite at a fraction of the price.

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Surface Styles

For homeowners and designers who feel decor needs to be about more than just "looking good"...Formica Group provides the surfaces that fuse beautiful design with purposeful functionality.

Surfaceset 2018

Meet SurfaceSet 2018 by Formica Corporation.
Three dynamic and inviting palettes of creative contrasts.

Product Guide

This catalog includes standard products offered by Formica Corporation in a wide range of colors, grades, finishes and sizes.