Free 12" x 12" Cambria Quartz Prep Station
With Purchase Of Complete Kitchen & Countertop

Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers four great options for sterile kitchen conditions and countertop protection. One misnomer is, people suggest you can cut or put hot pots and pans directly on the surface of Granite and Quartz countertops. It’s not advisable to leave liquids on the surface of any countertop as it can cause staining no matter if it is Laminate, Solid Surface, Granite or Quartz especial liquids high in acidities like Tomatoes. Cutting directly on Laminates and Solid surface will scratch the surface as will it with Granite and Quartz. More importantly though cutting directly on Granite and Quartz will ruin your knives.
It’s always better to protect your countertop surfaces regardless of what they are made of with, quartz resting station, prep-stations, drip trays, wood and poly cutting boards.

Select any 12" x 12" Cambria color in the catalog below. Free with the order of any complete kitchen & countertop. Also available for stand alone orders.


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