2.Richmond Carpet Cushion - Richmond Healthy Home SUPERFLEX

Carpet Cushion

The right under cushion can make a world of difference in the longevity of your new carpet. Choosing the ideal cushion can make your carpet last longer, feel warmer, softer, reduce noise and even extend your Richmond carpet warranty. So, remember, when you’re selecting your carpet, partner it up with the luxuriously superior performance of Richmond carpet cushion.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. offer four of the most popular carpet cushion from Richmond, giving us the opportunity to offer the correct cushion for your application coupled with the ability to meet you budget requirements. We can help recommend the correct cushion given the carpet being selected and your overall performance requirements.

1.Richmond Carpet Cushion - Image
1.Richmond Carpet Cushion - MasterFlex
2.Richmond Carpet Cushion- Richmond Reboundjpg
2B.Richmond Carpet Cushion - Richmond Healthy Home SUPERFLEX 4 -
3.Richmond Carpet Cushion - ECO-CUSHION
4.Richmond Carpet Cushion - ComfortMax
5.Richmond Carpet Cushion - Luxury Walk