Available - August 2018


ROCK SOLID SHUTTER HINGES is part of our ROCK SOLID Products. ROCK SOLID products include the Rock Solid Shutter Hinge, Rock Solid PVC Louver Shutters and Rock Solid, Cellular completely solid PVC Window Frame with retailer molding.

Eurtton Distribution Inc. owns and manufactures its own and proprietary Gravity Shutter Hinge. We offer this unique shutter hinge in two  super strong metals. Produced in Polycarbonate for extra longevity as it will not rust or break.

“Rock Solid” is the only Gravity Shutter Hinge designed to be secure and at the same time operate extremely smooth with its dead accurate transition from an open to the closed position and back.

Our Shutter Hinge comes complete with 6 Stainless Steel Torx® with pin security screws for extreme security. This is important when considering a ground floor application as they are tamper proof. You can’t remove shutters from the hinge without having the exact tool for removal.

Other shutter hinges are simple to remove from the shutter making window access into the home easy.

Sold in Pairs (2 Left or 2 Right Side)

Shutter Hinge TAB
Shutter Hinge TAB 2
Shutter Hinge TAB 3