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Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers our own custom-made shutter style Solid PVC Utility Room Doors. We offer them completely custom with respect to size with or without a frame system made of Solid PVC to match.

Our Louvers are made with virgin materials, designed to exceed accepted industry standards. including UV inhibitors, pigments and TiO2 (titanium dioxide), all contribute to protecting the PVC from degradation and unacceptable discoloration – hence a stable, weatherable product. Additional additives provide impact resistance, anti-brittling and improved strength characteristics. Each formula is compounded and processed consistently to achieve the desired long-term durability.

  • Maintenance Free
  • Requires no painting/finishing
  • Resistant to heat loss or gain
  • Resists condensation
  • Waterproof – unaffected by water
  • Resistant to moist, salt-laden air, pollution, airborne chemicals
  • Impervious to insects
  • Insulates against noise
  • Flame retardant (ASTM D635-03) – will not support combustion
  • Material is energy efficient to produce, recyclable
  • Will not chip, warp, peel or splinter
  • Resistant to fungus and mildew
  • Works like wood – can be sawed, nailed, screwed, glued or stapled
  • 25 year warranty against rot, corroding, delaminating, or excessively swelling from moisture


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