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Eurtton Distribution Inc. owns and manufactures a proprietary PVC Window Sub-Frame. We offer our frames PRE-MADE or DO-IT-YOURSELF frames.

A better frame - Rock Solid Never Rot Cellular PVC. The heaviest duty, largest size at 2” x 6” and only frame on the market that is 100% Solid. The only frame on the market that can be purchased with or without “Stop Molding”. The only frame that consumers can make themselves as no special equipment is required. Most other frames require special equipment like a PVC Welding Miter machine and the net result is not as strong as our Butt and Screw Joints.

Our Frames are made with virgin materials, designed to exceed accepted industry standards. including UV inhibitors, pigments and TiO2 (titanium dioxide), all contribute to protecting the PVC from degradation and unacceptable discoloration – hence a stable, weatherable product. Additional additives provide impact resistance, anti-brittling and improved strength characteristics. Each formula is compounded and processed consistently to achieve the desired long-term durability.

- Maintenance Free
- Requires no painting/finishing
- Resistant to heat loss or gain
- Resists condensation
- Waterproof – unaffected by water
- Resistant to moist, salt-laden air, pollution, airborne chemicals
- Impervious to insects
- Insulates against noise
- Flame retardant (ASTM D635-03) – will not support combustion
- Material is energy efficient to produce, recyclable
- Will not chip, warp, peel or splinter
- Resistant to fungus and mildew
- Works like wood – can be sawed, nailed, screwed, glued or stapled
- 25 year warranty against rot, corrodi, delaminating, or excessively swelling from moisture

Making a frame is easy: - Essentially you are going to make a simple box.

Step 1: - Measure your existing or new window width and height. The top and bottom frame members are always the longer. Cuts to the frame are straight 90-degree cuts and can be cut with a Chop Saw, a Circular Saw or even a hand saw. (Best cuts are with a Chop Saw. To work out what your top and bottom members of the frame sizes are going to be simply add 4” to the width to allow for the thickness of the frame material. Now add 1/8”to the measurement to allow you to easily slide the window into the frame after it is made. This allows 1/16” either side for your window to expand when direct sunlight is on it or there is extreme heat where you live. This is important to keeping your window sashes operating easily.

Step 2: - Add 1/8” to the height of your existing or new window and cut it straight or 90-degree.

Step 3: - Now align the frame into the box shape required allowing the top and bottom to be horizontal and extending over the upright or vertical frame members. Position them so that the recessed cut-out in the frame align all the way around. Basically, so that you don’t fasten any upside down.

Step 4: - Now predrill to accept a minimum 3”, preferably a 3-1/2” deck Screw or similar. A number 8 or 10 works well. Note: Pre-Drilling is not mandatory but helpful as the frame material will accept a screw powered directly into it without splitting. In any case, you only need to drill through the outside piece of the frame to place the screw in and then power it into the frame it’s being attached to. Now screw them together and do the same in all 4 sides. Recommend 4 screws on each side but many use only two, and we also recommend a bead of Silicone or similar between the joint.

Step 5: - Now that the frame is together as a box, it is time to cut and install the “Stop Molding”. This is very easy and requires no Glue, Silicone or any other Adhesive as it is a snug fit and locks in and can’t come out once installed. Simply measure the inside of the frame Horizontal and Vertical and add 1” to each size and miter cut them inward to the finished size. Now simply slide in the two “Shorter” lengths into the sides they are intended first and gently tap them into place so that they are seated properly. Now install the two longer lengths into their sides by pushing one miter into place and then by slightly bending the “Stop Molding” you can seat the send miter into place and then gently tap it into pace so that it is seated properly. As you can see from the pictures no glue is required as the joint is extremely tight and neatly placed.

Step 6: - Now that the frame is made you are ready to install it into the home as per usual. When installing the window into the frame you can place a bead of silicone around the frame close to the “Stop Molding” to allow a sealed fit, and then place a bead of Silicone around the outside perimeter of the window once it is seated into the frame.

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