Typically ships fabricated to pier in 3 weeks.

Please Note:
If we are supplying your kitchen cabinets, we can design, layout and fabricate your countertop. Your new countertop will be shipped pre-made and ready to install. If your countertop has any seams (Joints), we will automatically supply an adhesive kit and instruction which is especially useful for the DIY (do-it-yourselfer).

Staron, the premium solid surface

Staron, the interior material with various colors and patterns can be processed in a curved, seamless shape and is easy to maintain which allows creative designs. It has covered the disadvantages of natural marble, such as contaminant, lack of workability and limited colors, and is known as eco-friendly interior materials as it is non-porous. Staron’s collections are Tempest, the transparent solid surface, and SUPREME collection, known for its natural patterns.

Staron Solid Surfaces

Innovation meets superior standard. Offering higher performance to suit residential to commercial environments.

Possibilities are Endless

Staron isn't just for kitchens and bathrooms. Given it's durability, easy maintenance and range of color choices, Staron can be used to create shower walls, tub decks, reception disks, bar tops and even window sills.


Experience a melange of color and visual texture combined in the most natural way.