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Architectural Vinyl Window Shapes

Eurtton Distribution Inc. offers custom bends over 600 vinyl extrusions to exact radius specifications to create a variety of architectural window shapes from circles, ovals, cathedrals, ellipses and eyebrows to triangles, trapezoids, octagons, hexagons, pentagons and rectangles.

The quality and consistency of manufacturing techniques allow customers to precut their own IG units, if they wish. The minimum/maximum sizes of a shape are limited only by the performance attributes of the selected profile itself.

Architectural Single-Hung Windows

It’s easy to add custom single-hung shapes to your vinyl window line:

  1. Provide us with a completed single-hung unit, unglazed and open.
  2. Using your single-hung profile, we will create a custom shape header fabricated to your specs.
  3. We will complete the window according to your glass preferences: glazed, semi-glazed or unglazed.

With our creative line of grids, these units can be designed to complement any window scheme, from colonial to contemporary.

Vinyl Casement Windows

We’ve combined classic styling with the low maintenance of vinyl to create this line of casement windows. All are manufactured with a fully welded sash and frame, full perimeter weather stripping and high-quality operating hardware to provide reliable long-term performance.

Our standard clear 7/8-inch IG utilizes a patented Super Spacer* structural foam. This warm edge technology provides superior structural properties and helps increase the overall “R” values.

Ventana USA’s operable casement units are shipped completely assembled and ready to install. They can be provided glazed or unglazed.

Glass & Grid Systems

Glass Options

Ventana USA offers numerous glass options: clear, Low-E (hard coat and soft coat), laminated and decorative. Upon request, we can provide NFRC-certified IG units. We stock glass from a variety of manufacturers.

Our IG units are tested by Associated Laboratories, Inc. and have received ASTM E 774-97, Class A certification. All sealed insulated glass units are SIG-Certified.

Specialty Grid Systems

We stock several sizes of flat and contoured aluminum muntin bar grids in white, bright white and tan. We also can use other sizes and colors provided by the customer.

Decralite Grid System* is a patented production process for creating solid one-piece seamless grids. This unique system offers virtually unlimited possibilities for grid design. They are available in both flat and contoured profiles in a variety of sizes and colors.

All of our grids are designed to be placed inside the IG unit (GBG).



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